Obligatory "First Blog" Blog Post

So here is the new blog, hopefully I'll stick with this format better than I have in the past. I started with my first website and blog with the iWeb program that comes preloaded on Macs. I then moved to Blogger which I stayed with for a bit, but then for reasons I don't remember I went on to Tumblr and Tumblr kind of sucks. At first I thought it would be a whole corner of the internet to find cool stuff, but instead its full of angsty teenagers and interns posting on behalf of their companies. Hopefully I'll like the new Squarespace website and blog format better. 

I would start off with some lofty goal of posting 3 times a week or something, but the truth is that in the past I've never followed through with that goal. So here I've decided that I post when I want to, which means I'll post a whole bunch for a week or two then it will be empty for a while. We'll see how it goes. 

The cool thing about having a bunch of crappy failed blogs is that I can cherry pick my favorite posts and put them up here again. So There should be a bunch of content here for a while.