Happy 2nd Austinversary!

Jacob, Chewy and I moved to Austin in April 2012 to open GeeBerry Art Studio and since then we've been working on the business and enjoying the city. Here are some of the things we enjoyed over the past year. 

Bangers! This is one of our favorite restaurants. The atmosphere is so much fun and the food and beer is great! Its great because they also have a dog park.

Krouse Springs. A super chill afternoon I can't wait to bring a cooler of beers and do it again when it gets hot. I also want to try Hamilton Pool and some of the other swimming spots. 

click the picture to see the video!

We moved closer to the studio, like seriously I could walk to work. It might not be the most beautiful apartment, but it beats the 1 room place we were living previously.



Wine Tasting for Amanda's Birthday. I definitely want to do that again.

In November we adopted our derp-eyed dog Olive. She's weird but we love her.

Pretty soon after we moved the Midway Food Park opened super close to our apartment and it has my favorite food trailer Dock and Roll. The ice cream sandwich trailer is great too :)

The Horizon bank christmas party because open bar and I love wearing my black dress.

For Christmas my family came to town and we stayed at Traavasa spa. They have all these cool things you can do plus an awesome pool, food and massages. 

South by South West was really fun this year. I didn't go to any music events. We went to the Game of Thrones exhibition, the Video Game Expo, a taping of Jimmy Kimmel, the Renegade Craft Fair and, my favorite, the Adventures in Design Boat Cruise.