Existential crisis of an 8 year old

This piece is a reflection of my childhood. When I was about 7 or 8 I saw the Never Ending Story movie. There is this part in the movie, which has a really dark tone if you've never seen it, where a character is explaining the Nothingness that is creeping though whatever magical land they live in. They explain this Nothingness and it terrified me. I'm 7 years old contemplating the nothingness that will come for us in the end. Add to that the christian beliefs I grew up with where after death you go to heaven forever. FOREVER. Even that freaked me out. The concept of forever was oppressive. I looked around my room filled with toys and realized how silly it all was and a distraction for what was ultimately to come. 

Even as an adult this kind of bummer of a feeling creeps up on you and that is a big part of what these past few pieces are about. A feeling that just builds on itself until you are just overcome with it and are just useless until it passes. I feel like Louis CK sums it up nicely in this interview on Conan.