Crappy Paintings

I have yet to get to the point where every painting I start is successful. I had sketches for 6 paintings and I was optimistic thinking I'd get 5 good ones. I ended up working on 7 paintings total and came out with a total of 3 that I'm content with.  

Its always disappointing when paintings don't turn out. Sometimes you can look on the bright side and say there was some lesson to be learned, but often times it was just a flawed concept. The image pictured to the right just turned out boring, when set next to the 3 good paintings this one wasn't nearly as good. I tried this purple face concept using a photo of my husband, but it just ended up looking unpleasant. 

In addition to trying the purple face concept a couple of times I also tried using a reference photo a couple times. I asked a facebook friend if I could use this stunning photo of her in a painting, but since then I've really struggled to create anything good from it. Its such a nice image that I wonder if its already being used in its best form as a photo.

I feel that I'm done with this set of paintings. I don't plan on going back and trying out the other concepts again. I'm ready to move on to some imagery that includes more body and less face.