I love podcasts! part 1

As someone who works alone for much of the day, it gets a little quiet around the studio. A couple years ago I stumbled across the Stuff You Should Know podcast and since then I've made podcast listening something that's part of my daily routine. I've started by listing all the Stuff podcasts from the Discovery network. They are all educational and super entertaining!

As I mentioned Stuff You Should Know kicked off my addiction. Its still one of my favorites. Topics covered range from cultural icons to history to all kinds of science. The hosts Chuck and Josh have a great chemistry and even when the topic seems like it will be boring they bring a conversational and often humor to the science. You HAVE to listen to this one. 


Another Stuff podcast I love is Stuff Mom Never Told You. The hosts Kristen and Caroline discuss cultural issues as the pertain to gender. I think my first podcast I listened to from SMNTY was Are Pets the New Children  This podcast does a great job of discussing gender issues without being obnoxious and crunchy (most of the time).



Stuff You Missed in History Class, I have a troubled relationship with you. This podcast started out really great with the hosts Sarah and Deblina, but they were replaced with Tracy and Holly. While the new hosts aren't bad there is an air of defensiveness that annoys the crap out of me. It really comes out when they do reader mail and they act so defensive and insulted by their mail. I understand the criticism that public figures receive, but there is no reason to put it on air. They also fan girl over historical women and its really obnoxious. You shouldn't skip this podcast, but the best episode are the older ones. 

So this is the last Stuff podcast that I'm currently listening to: Stuff to Blow your Mind. This one is science stuff applied to the human experience. Its a pretty cool podcast, but I feel like it gets a little repetitive and I like it best every once in a while. I don't binge on back episodes of this one like I have with other podcasts. A really cool episode is Zombie Apocalypse PSA its a really interesting take on zombies.