Doing what you Love

Doing What You Love  15x22 Watercolor on Paper

Doing What You Love 15x22 Watercolor on Paper

You probably know that I own my own business, GeeBerry Art Studio. As a business owner I end up having a lot of the same conversations with various people at networking events and during classes. One of the things I really hate when people say is something along the lines of "Its so cool you get to do what you love every day" It annoys the crap out of me because thats what I thought I would get to do, but the things I like doing (making art, lesson planning, and teaching) make up a tiny percentage of what needs to be done. These people who say the "do what you love" thing don't give me any credit for what I really do with the bulk of my time. So yeah my "dream job" consists of taking phone calls, and if you've ever worked in customer service you will know how frustrating that can be, answering emails, paying bills, keeping my financial spreadsheets (ok I like doing this one a little), keeping the studio clean, researching competitors and other businessy stuff. Seriously give me credit for having a real job with sucky parts just like everyone else's. 

So thats where the title originates, but the piece more broadly represents my huge frustration with having a start up business. There is one question that dominates my life right now: How can I get people to pay for my service? I have never owned a business before and I don't really know what I'm doing or what to expect. I have no idea if I'm on the right track or not. Its extremely frustrating and stressful.

So I'll just add this to the list of paintings that qualify as visual complaining.  

How You can Learn to Paint

So I already posted how I learned to Paint now I can tell you how to learn to paint.

At my studio, GeeBerry Art Studio, I am teaching a beginner's class on acrylic painting. You can check out the calendar for signing up here: I want to teach this class with a very pragmatic approach. I'm so tired of seeing art as some magic act that brings forth ART into the world. This class will be taught with more of a problem solving angle to it.

We're going to start from the very beginning of the art making process. Like what to buy before you start beginning. I want for people to have a very straight forward an strong foundation in their art learning. The class will be full of practical and real world advice so that anyone can learn to paint.