Attention art groups, retailer, or anyone with a group of friends who wants to learn! Below is a list of workshops that I can put on for groups of 5 or more participants - maximum of 15. Email me at so I can learn more about your group!

For All scheduled workshops and lectures check out my calendar page.

Watercolor Workshops


Watercolor 101

Watercolor can seem tricky at first, but let me walk you through the basic concepts and you'll find it to be an exciting, organic and approachable medium

Beginners encouraged!

All skill levels welcome - supplies will be provided


Watercolor in Black and White

Color is great, but let’s set it aside to study value and appreciate the subtle beauty of painting in grayscale. In this workshop we will discuss chromatic black mixtures, create value studies and create a painting using white watercolor on a black surface.

All skill levels welcome - supplies will be provided


Watercolor: Beyond Paper

In the Beyond paper work shop we will explore watermedia grounds, creating textured surfaces and priming 3 dimensional objects for watermedia painting.

All skill levels welcome - supplies will be provided


Painting Portraits in Watercolor

Portraiture is the most challenging of all the creative disciplines, but no need to be intimidated because in this workshop I will break it down in an approachable and fun way. We will learn about transferring drawing to our surface, monochromatic value studies, color mixing for skin tone and more!

This workshop is recommended for participants who are already familiar with watercolor.

Includes materials


Painting Objects in Watercolor

In this workshop we will capture the personality and tiny stories that are told through objects. Participants will learn how to take a quality reference photo, drawing strategies, and of course, the watercolor painting.

This workshop is recommended for participants who are already familiar with watercolor, but all skill levels are welcome!

Includes materials


Journaling with Watercolor

Sometimes artists need a break from observing the outside world to do a little self reflection. In this thoughtful workshop attendees will be given tip and advice for creating attractive journal spreads, observational drawing and through provoking prompts.

All participants will bring their own journal, but other materials will be provided.

Acrylic Workshops


Golden Lecture Demo

This is an educational lectures and demonstrations on the history and development of Acrylic Paints. During the lecture I cover material about acrylic paint and pigments, product usage, and all the various product lines available from Golden. If you live in Central Texas be sure to inquire about this free program for your organization.

Free! - minimum of 15 attendees


Gel Plate Printing using Acrylic Paint

Using gel plates and Golden Open Acrylics we will create unique and distinctive monotype prints. This workshop incorporates a variety of techniques including subtractive painting, creating and using stencils and experimenting with a variety of mark-making tools. You will be amazed at the results you will get from this incredibly fun printmaking technique.

includes materials

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