What it is

Watercolor Jump-Start is a series of small, single session watercolor paintings intended to be created over 30 days. If you are a beginner this can jumpstart your watercolor skill by giving you a way to get going. If you've painted before, but feel rusty I think this would be an excellent way to get back in the swing of things. If you are a pro I still think that this is fun and it never hurts to go back and appreciate the basics.

Find the entire series on my YouTube channel or in the embedded video above. Click the specific paintings below for the corresponding video tutorial.



  1. Watercolor paper - 140lb Arches coldpress

  2. Exacto Blade - or some way to trim paper down to 5x7in

  3. Sketchbook or scrap paper

  4. Pencil

  5. Two cups for water

  6. Watercolor palette

  7. Watercolor brushes

  8. Watercolors


  1. Gather supplies

  2. Cut paper down to 5x7 inches - you’ll need 30, but a couple extras isn’t a bad idea

  3. Get excited about making cool stuff and learning!